Does this sound like you?

  • You're moved by the beauty of roses but struggle to capture them in paint

  • You get confused by the complexity of ALL THOSE PETALS

  • You get bogged down in the details and the painting just runs away from you

  • You can see those beautiful, subtle colours - but don't know how to mix them

How about this?

  • Being shown how to simplify the forms to make the complexity understandable

  • Painting accurate shapes and values - but with looseness and expression


  • Being able to create focus where you want it, softness and mystery elsewhere

  • Real progress toward making flower paintings you can be proud of

About This Workshop

In six paint-along video sessions, together with supporting mixing videos and exercises, I'll take you through a Munsell approach to painting roses with accurate colour, delicacy and expression

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Welcome to the Workshop!
    • Materials List
    • How to use this course
  • 2
    Chapter #1: Value and Expression
    • Synopsis
    • Mixing an accurate value scale
    • Session One - Introduction and Materials
    • Session One - a Value Study of Two Roses
  • 3
    Chapter #2: Moving into Colour
    • Synopsis
    • Session Two Mixing Video
    • Session Two - Introduction and Materials
    • Session Two - Two Roses, From Value to Colour
  • 4
    Chapter #3: Putting it All Together: The first Look at our Rose Composition
    • Synopsis
    • Session Three - Introduction and Materials
    • Session Three - An Introduction to the Final Subject, Simplified
  • 5
    Chapter #4: The final Painting in Three Sessions
    • Session Four - Introduction and Materials
    • Drawing out Video for Session Four
    • Mixing video for session four
    • Session Four - Final Subject Block In
    • Session Five - Introduction and Materials
    • Session Five - Refining the Main Flowers in the Composition and Adding Focus
    • Session Six - Introduction and Materials
    • Session Six - Finishing The Painting


How long do I have Access to the workshop? Forever! Once you've bought a course or workshop with me, you have lifetime access to the materials so you can learn at your own pace

What medium will be using? Oils on Ampersand gesobord panels (or a surface of your choice) with a medium of linseed oil and a solvent

What happens when I sign up? Do I get access to everything? Yes! As soon as you've bought the course, you have immediate access to all the videos, reference photos and exercises included as part of the workshop

Is this a Munsell course? Yes. All my workshops include Munsell to some degree, so it will be a good idea for you to have a copy of the Munsell Student Colour set (6th edition or later). You can do the workshop with only the Munsell value scale though ($10 from Ebay) since I include mixing videos. The Paul Centore Munsell book is good too. There's a full breakdown of advice on this in the materials list

What about lighting? If you can work in natural light that will be best. But I also give advice on artificial lights if you can't

Can I get feedback on my work? You will also get access to my online private community and can post there. I do try to give feedback on posted work when I can, but can't reply to every post and it's not included as part of the workshop