Over 20 hours of high quality, in depth video instruction

Introducing the COLOUR STORIES of ROSES Course

In this in-depth online course, you'll paint a series of single roses.

Beginning with an underpainting in neutrals using the "wipe-out" method, we'll then develop the colour layer.

I'll take you in detail through the "colour story" of each rose - what the local colours are, and how to represent them as they travel through light and shadow - and how to mix them!

With an intuitive and fluid approach to painting, you'll paint beautiful roses both more accurately and more expressively.

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Introducing the COLOUR STORIES of ROSES Course

What students say about this course

Fran Hollander

Apply color without fear

Fran Hollander

I have leaned more about value and chroma, and therefore color mixing, from you than any other instructor. You have given me a system that finally makes sense to me and the tools and methods to mix and apply color without fear.
Cindy Sexton

Flowers that look transcendent

Cindy Sexton

You are one of the very best teachers I have ever encountered. You teach aspiring artists how to make their flowers look transcendent
Barbara Rudolph

I learned so much

Barbara Rudolph

It was a wonderful class, and I learned so much that I will use Paul’s method for a lifetime of painting.
Angela Johnson

Everything I'd hoped for

Angela Johnson

The course gave me everything I'd hoped for with regard to colour mixing, value and chroma - so thank you for that. But what I hadn't expected was that it would also make me really enthusiastic to paint roses! It's given me the confidence to think that I could actually create the sort of paintings that are always in my head when I start to paint, but rarely end up what I'd hoped they would be when I finally put my brush down!
Brenda Devlin

Finally understand color mixing

Brenda Devlin

Paul Foxton courses in a nutshell : If you want great teaching with everything well explained, excellent filming quality, good reference material, and if you want to finally understand colour mixing and how to lay out and keep control of your palette, then Paul Foxton courses are the BEST.
Cheryl Gerhart

More confidence and much better results

Cheryl Gerhart

“Colour Stories of Roses” has given me more confidence that I can look closely at a rose or other flower, see the value and chroma relationships, and then mix the paint in a logical way. I am excited to be working on my own with much better results.
Stephanie Enz

Game changer

Stephanie Enz

One of my best takeaways from the Colour Stories of Roses workshop was learning to create color strings of not only different values, but also of different chromas. Having all of that mixing done ahead of time was a game changer for me.
Kathy Martine

Take every course you can from this teacher

Kathy Martine

In Colour Stories of Roses Paul breaks a very complex subject into small bites that he carefully demonstrates in a way that you can actually understand and follow. He includes everything including how to pick the right color, create the illusion of light and shadow, how to model a form, and so much more. I have never experienced a teacher who can do that to this detailed extent. I recommend taking every course you can from this teacher.
Linda Gillin

Linda Gillin

I find every session one of discovery while learning applicable skills to take my work further at the same time finding a common ground with his other students in the community he’s created for us.
Linda Mann

A looser, fresher look and feel

Linda Mann

Paul's workshops are extremely helpful and educational. His emphasis on seeing lights and shadows helped me improve my overall compositions and not get lost in small details. My paintings have a looser, fresher look and feel.

What You'll Learn


    Learn an effective "three value" approach to simplifying the light and shadow shapes


    Use a Munsell value scale to help you nail the values, then an intuitive mixing method to control chroma


    Learn how a colour changes from light to shadow, and how you can represent that in your roses


    From a delicate underpainting, through the intitial colour layer to the finishing touches that make it sing


    Watch as I take two of these subjects and use texture, glazing and repainting to take them to a new level of emotional resonance

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Introduction to the Workshop
  • 2
    Session One - Form Simplification
    • Introduction to Session One
    • The Session FREE PREVIEW
    • Reference photo for session one
    • Practice Exercises for the Wipe-Out Technique
    • Reference Photo for Practice Exercises
  • 3
    Session Two - Introduction to Colour Stories
  • 4
    Session Three - The Importance of Chroma
    • Underpainting Demo for Session Three
    • Reference Photo for the Underpainting
    • Colour Reference Photo for the Colour Layer
    • Introduction to Session Three
    • The Session
    • Reference Photo with Value Numbers
    • Munsell Chip Reference for Session Three
  • 5
    Session Four - A White Rose (well, 2.5Y...)
    • Wipe-out Underpainting Demo for Session Four
    • Reference Photo for the Underpainting Stage of Session Four
    • Reference photo for the colour layer
    • Introduction to Session Four
    • The Session
  • 6
    Session Five - A Deep Red Rose
    • Reference Photo for the Underpainting for Session Five
    • Underpainting Demo for Session Five
    • Mixing and Blending Exercise
    • Reference Photo for Session Five
    • Introduction to Session Five
    • The Session
  • 7
    Session Six - the Final Rose
    • Underpainting Demo for Session Six
    • Reference Photo for the Underpainting
    • Introduction to Session Six
    • Mixing Video for Session Six
    • Reference Photo for Session Six
    • The Session
    • The Second Colour Layer
  • 8
    More Reference Photos
    • Downloadable files