About this Workshop

This seven session online workshop that will take you through a painting of a bouquet of roses.

In this workshop, we will be approaching a very beautiful bouquet of pink-peony roses from a few different angles.

Each stage will show us a different aspect of how understanding the roses from a point of view of light first will help us demystify the painting process:

  • Light gives us the shapes that make up the composition
  • Light gives us the colour story, showing us how the local colours change from light to shadow in value, chroma and hue
  • Light gives us edges of different qualities to create variety and life
  • Light shows us surface texture, which I'll show you how to suggest with paint
  • And through subtle effects of colour, light shows us the diaphanous quality of the petals

And in this workshop, I'm going to guide you through an approach for moving beyond a simple replication of the reference photo.

I'll show you

  • How to add texture and depth with brushwork - and even sanding back some areas
  • How to develop some key areas with carefully finished detail
  • How to use glazes to give the light areas a glow
  • How leaving some areas indistinct can give the impression of the flowers disolving into light

Using these techniques, we'll explore how we can go beyond the reference photo and add a quality of poetry and expression to the light.

And finally, we'll bring our piece to a finish.

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Going beyond the reference photo

This small study shows the techniques we'll be using in this workshop to move beyond the reference and explore how to add poetry and expression to our treatment of light on the subject.
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Going beyond the reference photo

Our subject for the workshop

A beautiful bouquet of "Peony Pink" English garden roses in a glass vase. During the workshop we will work on studies to explore specific techniques and concepts, producing a finished piece based on this reference on a 14 by 11 inch panel.
Our subject for the workshop