Reviews of the Keys to Colour Course

by Maryam Balali

The most comprehensive course in color

by Maryam Balali

I could never mix exact colors as closely until I took this course. I have read many books and taken many courses but I still could not mix exact colors. The way you explain hue, value and chroma is genius. I am still in the middle of this course but have been able to mix almost exact colors. You are a great teacher. Thank you Paul.
by Mark Seraly

Great course

by Mark Seraly

Opened up a whole new world of color mixing for me! I bought the Munsell book of color and now feel confident with bracketing (as Paul explains) that I can mix any color! Thanks!
by kathleen willis

The title is perfectly accurate. This is a very informative course and worth every second of your time!

by kathleen willis

The text is straight-forward, clear, concise and most inspirational. It methodically builds awareness and competence in mixing accurate value, chroma and hue. I feel much more confident at the easel as a result of this course.
by Jenny Kyng

Excellent course

by Jenny Kyng

Mastering Colour is the best painting course I have ever done. It's not just for painters of still life--I'm largely a painter of people--but there's no better way to learn painting than to start with simple, solid geometric objects like cubes and spheres, then move on to fruit and from there, once you've mastered the techniques, you should be able to attempt any subject. Not only that but it's a very enjoyable course. Paul really conveys his passion for painting and makes the Munsell system of colour (which includes a system of understanding value) easy to understand and use. I would heartily recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn painting or improve their painting skills.
by Lynn Purvis-Yund

A Great Discipline

by Lynn Purvis-Yund

I've been painting professionally for years but took this course in order to get back to a basic discipline. I really enjoy Paul's methodical and precise process. He is thorough and takes his time, a method that fits the purpose of the course - to truly understand color and how it works to help painters reproduce light and color.
by Patricia Halbeck

Outstanding in every way

by Patricia Halbeck

This course is an expertly structured and carefully crafted progression of information and hands on experiences. The videos are detailed and clear. The text is also clear and efficient. I was amazed at the progress I made, and the understanding and skill that developed through the course. The investment in the student Munsell book was very worthwhile. Don't be put off by that cost. Other necessary equipment is carefully outlined and not expensive. Interaction with other students on FB was inspiring and Paul's feedback was always detailed and helpful. My sensitivity to color grew significantly and my skill in mixing colors precisely improved exponentially. This course is definitely a turning point in my development as an artist. It required effort and persistence but was definitely worthwhile. I am thrilled with the results. Thank you, Paul Foxton!
by Bert van der Laan


by Bert van der Laan

Before this course I had an intuitive way of colour mixing (taking for granted I would never really "nail" the colour), was a layman of the thou-shall-not-use-black-paint church, and was messing around with complimentary colours to get the exact shadow colour. Paul's course does not include recipes, but provided me a systematic route to mix any colour. And, for me personally perhaps even as important, it taught me to slow down and focus on one aspect of the painting process. Although I initially underestimated the time needed for the exercises, the approach of the course is actually well-balanced: it is challenging without becoming frustrating. Paul's style of teaching contributes for me to the succes of this course, as he challenges you to get the best out of yourself with personal and constructive feedback.


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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Module 1: Gathering Materials and Preparing Your Still Life Set Up
  • 2
    Module 2: Seeing Colour Better: Mixing and Matching the Colours You See
  • 3
    Module 3: Light and Shadow: Learn to Model Form in Value
    • Introduction to the Module
    • Mixing a Simplified Five Step Value Scale
    • Value Study in three locals: The Toilet Roll!
    • Value Study: The Bowl
    • Value Study: The Pear
    • Value Cube Studies: Drawing out your first sight size study
    • Value Cube Studies: Checking the values of your first study
    • Value 6 Cube Assignment
    • Value Spheres
    • Value 6 Sphere Assignment
    • Blending (Edge Control) Exercise
  • 4
    Module 4: Light and Shadow in Colour
    • Introduction to the Module
    • Mixing Video for the Bowl Study
    • Colour Study: The Bowl
    • Mixing Video for the Pear Colour Study
    • Colour Study: The Pear - Materials and Introduction
    • Colour Study: The Pear
    • Module Four Part Two: Practice from life
    • 5YR 6/4 Cube Part One: Finding the Colours
    • 5YR 6/4 Cube Part Two: Mixing the Colours
    • 5YR 6/4 Cube Part Three: Painting the Study
    • 5YR 6/12 Cube
    • Colour spheres
    • 5YR 6/12 Sphere: Introduction
    • 5YR 6/12 Sphere: Judging and Mixing the Colours
    • 5YR 6/12 Sphere: Painting the Study
  • 5
    Module 5: Make it Come Alive: Painting a Piece of Fruit
    • Introduction: Creating Light and Depth With Colour
    • Cube to sphere to fruit - value
    • Cube to sphere to fruit - Colour
  • 6
    Module 6: Put it into Practice: Full Colour Still Life
    • Introduction: Paint Full Colour Still Life, from Photo Reference and From Life
    • Still Life From a Photo, Session One
    • Mixing Video for the Lemons Still Life
    • Still Life from a Photo: Session Two
    • Full Colour Block in: Introduction
    • Full Colour Block in 1: The Background and Foreground Colours
    • Full Colour Block in 2: The Colours of the Apple
    • Full Colour Block in 3: Painting the Study
    • Final Assignment: A finished still life