Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to your resources library!
    • How to use the exercise library
  • 2
    Practice Exercises
    • Foundational Drawing Exercises
    • Mixing a five step value scale
    • Brush handling exercise
    • Models to copy for brush handling practice
    • Edge handling and blending exercise
    • Value Gradation Exercise
  • 3
    Project: Edge Handling and Blending in a Still Life
    • Edge Handling - Winter Squash Demo
    • Reference Photo - Squash and Leaves
  • 4
    Project - Paint Application and Texture
    • About This Project
    • Introduction: Why Paint Handling Matters
    • Drawing Out: Using a Dry Brush like Charcoal
    • Laying in a Thin Background with Texture
    • The Palette and a Short Diversion on Colour
    • Thin Shadows, Thick Lights: Painting the Main Object
    • Summing Up
  • 5
    Project: Value Balance and Different Value Painting Approaches (Old Master and Impressionism)
    • Reference photo
    • Introduction and part one - the first study (even value compression)
    • Part Two: Golden age value balance (darker paintings with sharp lights)
    • Part Three: Impressionist value balance