Sound Familiar?

  • My flowers don't look real and lack delicacy

    Fussing with something too long can really take the delicacy out of it. In this workshop, I'll be demonstrating how to lay down the right colours and strokes - first time.

  • My colours seem dull compared to my subjects

    I demonstrate in detail how I choose the colours for a painting using the Munsell chips and the subject itself

  • Help! I keep getting lost in the detail!

    In preparatory sessions for each painting, I'll show you simplified versions of each subject that will still read beautifully as flowers, and help you stop overworking

What you'll Learn


    I demonstrate in depth how I get the colours I paint with directly from the subject, and then use those to paint from the photo reference


    I show you how I set the subjects up and control the light and the tools I use to develop the compositions


    If your first statement of form is strong and the colours are good, it's surprising how little detail you need to complete the painting


    Using strong, confident brush strokes that actually describe the form makes for strong, expressive paintings

Vibrancy and Life...

Through a careful and considered approach to alla prima painting

Six paint-along sessions of over two hours each, inlcuding three subjects.

The first session for each painting will take you step-by-step through using Munsell to accurately judge the colours and decide on the values.

In this session there will also be in depth information on drawing the structure of the flowers, and a demonstration of how to use brush handling creatively to create the impression of delicacy in the petals.

In the second session for each subject, we will paint the subject in a single session - with all of our for drawing, colour and brush handling already prepared, so that we can focus on the immediacy and freshness of the painting itself

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by Susan Bonnel

Paul knows how to TEACH!

by Susan Bonnel

Everyone says the same thing about Paul Foxton…that he is the best teacher they’ve ever had! And as I see it, there are three reasons why:
  • Paul is an exceptional artist. He knows how to see the subjects and how to create works of subtle beauty.
  • Paul knows how to TEACH. He demonstrates, explains and shows in detail each and every step of the process. We have all been amazed at our own progress.
  • and absolutely everyone says this, Paul has a personality and style that makes everyone feel comfortable, relaxed and excited.
You’ll be doing yourself a big favor to take any or all of his workshops. He has made a wonderful difference in my work.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • Welcome to the Workshop
    • How to use this course
    • Materials List
  • 2
    Subject One - A Small Composition (A single Daffodil)
    • A Small Composition
    • Introduction to Session One
    • Reference photo
    • Session One - Colour Mixing, Shape and Mark Making
    • The Painting from Session One
    • Introduction to Session Two
    • Session Two - The Painting
    • The Painting from Session Two
  • 3
    Subject Two - A Little More Complex (Daffodils in a Vase)
    • Light, not Things
    • Introduction to session Three
    • Reference photo for session Three
    • Session Three - Simplifying a Composition and Making a Strong and Accurate Block In
    • Introduction to Session Four
    • Reference Photo for Session Four
    • Session Four - The Painting (Form Modelling and Developing the Block in)
    • Image from Session Four
  • 4
    Subject Three - More of a Challenge (Composition with Wild Primroses)
    • More flowers!
    • Introduction to Session Five
    • Reference Photo for Session Five
    • Session Five - A More Complex Composition with Wild Primroses
    • The Sketch from the Session
    • Colour Notes - Munsell Numbers for the Colours Mixed in Session Five
    • Introduction to Session Six
    • Session Six - The Primrose Painting in a Single Session
    • The Painting From the Session

Got a Question?

How long do I have Access to the workshop? Forever! Once you've bought a course or workshop with me, you have lifetime access to the materials so you can learn at your own pace

What medium will be using? Oils on Ampersand gesobord panels (or a surface of your choice) with a medium of linseed oil and a solvent

What happens when I sign up? Do I get access to everything? Yes! As soon as you've bought the course, you have immediate access to all the videos, reference photos and exercises included as part of the workshop

Is this a Munsell course? Yes. All my workshops include Munsell to some degree, so it will be a good idea for you to have a copy of the Munsell Student Colour set (6th edition or later). You can do the workshop with only the Munsell value scale though ($10 from Ebay) since I include mixing videos. The Paul Centore Munsell book is good too. There's a full breakdown of advice on this in the materials list

What about lighting? If you can work in natural light that will be best. But I also give advice on artificial lights if you can't

Can I get feedback on my work? You will also get access to my online private community and can post there. I do try to give feedback on posted work when I can, but can't reply to every post and it's not included as part of the workshop