Mastering Colour - Personal Tuition

An 8 week course on how to paint with natural and beautiful colour in oils. Includes regular personal feedback and tuition via skype. | taught by Paul Foxton

Course description

Colour is the single most difficult aspect of realistic oil painting - but it doesn't need to be.

If you've ever struggled with colour, this course will teach you how to:

  • Mix any colour you see - quickly and accurately
  • Understand how to use colour to make forms come alive on the canvas
  • Get the value balance right to create light and depth in your pictures
  • Paint more beautiful, natural colour

In a series of step by step assignments over 8 weeks, you'll gradually learn how colour works in the real world.

Upload your assignments in the private facebook group to share your progress with fellow artists, and get personal feedback from me.

By the end of the course, you'll know how to take a simple still life set up and make a realistic painting with natural colour and a convincing feeling of depth and light.

In this course, I've taken everything I know about colour and put it into a carefully designed course that will take you from struggling to see colour accurately to creating more beautiful colour.

This course has the same content as the Mastering Colour course, but includes personal tuition in the form of once-weekly, one-to-one skype calls for personal feedback on your assignments.

Paul Foxton
Paul Foxton
Course Tutor

A self taught artist, my passion is sharing my knowledge with aspiring artists. I want to help you grow and develop your skills more effectively and more quickly, so you can start to make beautiful work you can be proud of.

Course Curriculum

Gathering Materials and Preparing Your Still Life Set Up
Introduction to the Mastering Colour Course
First, Paint a Piece of Fruit
Collect Your Materials
Making Your Shadow Box
Create Your Set Up
Two More Simple Tools
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Seeing Colour Better: Mixing and Matching the Colours You See (2 weeks)
Introduction to Understanding Colour with Munsell
Introduction: Matching the Colours you See
Matching values: Making an Accurate Value Scale
Matching colour: Mixing the Colours You See
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Light and Shadow: Learn to Model Form with Colour (2 weeks)
Introduction: Mastering Light and Shadow
Value Cubes
Value Spheres
Colour cubes
Colour spheres
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Make it Come Alive: Painting a Piece of Fruit (2 weeks)
Introduction: Creating Light and Depth With Colour
Cube to sphere to fruit - value (1 week)
Cube to sphere to fruit - Colour (1 week)
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Put it into practice: Paint a Still Life (2 weeks)
Intro: Paint a sight-size still life
Week 1: Block Ins
Week 2: A finished still life
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