Mastering Mixing

Colour Mixing Made Simple | taught by Paul Foxton

Course description

In a series of easy-to-follow steps, this course will show you how to use Munsell to make colour mixing both simpler and easier.

Studying at your own pace and in your own time, you will learn how to mix a perfect neutral value scale, and how to mix any colour quickly and accurately.

Paul Foxton
Paul Foxton
Course Tutor

A self taught artist, my passion is sharing my knowledge with aspiring artists. I want to help you grow and develop your skills more effectively and more quickly, so you can start to make beautiful work you can be proud of.

Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Course. Read Me!
Materials List
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A new Way to Mix Colour
Introduction to Munsell
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How to Mix Values
Using Bracketing to Match a Munsell Value Chip and Make a Value Scale
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Colour Matching Munsell Chips
Introduction to Colour Matching
Colour Matching
High Chroma Red: 5R
High Chroma Orange: 5YR
High Chroma Yellow: 5Y
High Chroma Green: 5GY
Low Chroma Yellow: 5Y 8/4
Caucasian Skin Colour: 5YR 6/4
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Colour Matching Real World Colours
Matching the Local Colour of a Lemon
Matching the Local Colour of a Pear
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What now?
Where to go Next
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